Complex Data Logger systems, Altitude loggers, limiters: MultiLog and UltraLight

MultiLog Main Features:

Altitude data logging with 10Hz speed rate and 0.1m resolution. F5X Altitude Limiting with selectable cut-off altitude and time. True PPM measurement and loggin PPM_IN and PPM_OUT data with 10Hz speed rate. Low power and high capacity Flash memory onboard(instead of very low capacity EEPROMs or high-power and […]

Hight capacity or Light Weight Lipo battery for Royal EVO/PRO transmitters

For people who like to fly for a long time with no need to charge TX accu we made this device.

It’s Smart 2S2P Lipo with 4000mah total capacity.

This battery consist of 4pcs of 2000mah Lipo cells. Each cell have it’s own protection circuit.

Complete battery have a protection again short-circuit, overcurrent, overdischarge, overcharge. […]

Shread-RC SmartLipo’s- Smartest solution for powering your model sailplane!


The SmartLipo was designed and developed to provide a lightweight, compact complex device for powering the model aircraft servos and receivers.

How it work

SmartLipo have integrated 1-cell LiPo battery; high frequency, high perfomance switching 5V regulator; switching charger with 1C charge rate preset; battery voltage monitor based on high perfomance low power […]