Complex Data Logger systems, Altitude loggers, limiters: MultiLog and UltraLight

MultiLog Main Features:

  • Altitude data logging with 10Hz speed rate and 0.1m resolution.
  • F5X Altitude Limiting with selectable cut-off altitude and time.
  • True PPM measurement and loggin PPM_IN and PPM_OUT data with 10Hz speed rate.
  • Low power and high capacity Flash memory onboard(instead of very low capacity EEPROMs or high-power and heavy SD cards from over Logger vendors).
  • Light weight  – not more than 5 grams – .176 oz.(complete weight with wire and connector).
  • Small size 45 X 17 X 7 mm
  • Hight-speed PC interface – 921600 baud
  • very little current consumption(typicaly lower than 10mA)
  • MultiLog USB Interface can replace  ” HP-AT-PRGUSB Hyperion 3-Pin USB <> Serial Adapter for all Atlas Servos”
  • 2 Led(Green+Red) and sound status notification

UltraLight Main Features:

  • Generaly the same functionality as MultiLog without F5X Altitude Limiting features and capability of external sensors connecting
  • ULTRA Light weight  – not more than 2 grams – .07 oz.(complete weight with wire and connector).
  • ULTRA Small size 25 X 12 X 6 mm

Full description available here


Hyperion 3-Pin USB <> Serial Adapter for all Atlas Servos

Hight capacity or Light Weight Lipo battery for Royal EVO/PRO transmitters

For people who like to fly for a long time with no need to charge TX accu we made this device.

It’s Smart 2S2P Lipo with 4000mah total capacity.

This battery consist of 4pcs of 2000mah Lipo cells. Each cell have it’s own protection circuit.

Complete battery have a protection again short-circuit, overcurrent, overdischarge, overcharge. So it can be charged inside your TX without any problems using standart Multiplex charging port. Recommended charge current – 2A.


Charge current, A – 2.0

Max.Discharhe current, A – 8.0

Total capacity, mAh – 4000

Battery fits following transmitters – Royal EVO, Royal PRO, Profi MC3xxx, Profi MC4000.

Shread-RC SmartLipo’s- Smartest solution for powering your model sailplane!


The SmartLipo was designed and developed to provide a lightweight, compact complex device for powering the model aircraft servos and receivers.

How it work

SmartLipo have integrated 1-cell LiPo battery; high frequency, high perfomance switching 5V regulator; switching charger with 1C charge rate preset; battery voltage monitor based on high perfomance low power flash based MCU.

Simply remove jumper from “Charge In” port and you will obtain 5V DC on servo wire.

Plug it back and 5V regulator will be powered off.

Connect 5-15 VDC to “Charge In” port and device will start to charge its LiPo cell with preset charge rate.


1. Only 1 cell in series:

  •  No need of balance charging like it needed in 2S, 3S configurations;
  •  Ultra Light weight.

2. Integrated High-perfomance high frequency switching booster convert for 5V

  •  No RF noise (compatible with almost all FM receivers);
  •  Up to 4A input current from Lipo cell(Up to 1.5A output current);
  •  No Thermal shutdown cutoff like it can be with linear regulators (if the overcurrent occur device will lower the output voltage to limit dc-dc converter input current). So with this feature you will not have total loose of control with new digital receiver like it can be with linear regulator.

3. Integrated hight perfomance switching charger:

  •  Charging directly from any DC source like wall adapter, Pb battery, car adapter or even other LiPo pack.
  •  Wide input range.
  •  No unnecessary heat
  •  Sound indication of charging(short “tick”s) and completion of charging(short “beep”s)

4. Integrated battery monitor:

  • “Beep” indication of battery voltage level each time you remove the jumper from “Charhe In” port (Voltage(V)=3.5V+(Number of long Beeps)*0.1V).
  •  Low battery level “trill” show you that the battery voltage is too low( lower than 3.5V)
  • Device will automaticaly power off the 5V circuit as soon as voltage on the cell will drop downto 2.85V.

Technical Specification:

Capacity Preseted Charge Rate, A Approx. Total Weigh, g Max. Static Output current, A
240mah 0.24 11 0.6A
450mah 0.45 16 1.0A
650mah 0.65 21 1.0A
850mah 0.85 26 1.0A
1950mah 1.0 60 1.0A

Output Voltage: 5.0V*

*Voltage can drop down to 4.8V under full load

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Where to buy:

All SmartLipo Batteries are in stock and can be purchased directly from us